2019 Year in Review

What a year it’s been!!! Kevin and I are overwhelmed with gratitude + joy from all this year has brought! He quit his job in March to go full-time, and we launched our new brand together in August (which is also the last time we blogged anything – our bad). We were blessed with the sweetest couples and families this year, and we honestly learned something from each and every shoot!

We learned a LOT about each other being together almost 24/7, and it’s been so good for our marriage. Steve got more snuggles than he knew what to do with! We hosted lots of dinners and game nights with friends, grew closer to our small group, visited B’s grandpa in Spokane before he went to be with Jesus, had a couple breakdowns due to lack of sleep (ok, only B did). We also helped Kevin’s parents move from Michigan back to Moses Lake, took a family vacation to California and Cabo, took approximately 300,000 photos, drank lots of coffee to stay up and edit those photos (shout out to Redbird Coffee), made lots of fun meals, and started taking Tuesdays off as a sabbath.

We’re so thankful for the love + support, for such amazing clients that trust us, for the friends and family that encouraged us (or brought us coffee) in the middle of our busy season, and for the passion we have for photography. Here is a photo from each and every session of the year- so excited to see what 2020 holds! Here are some full blog posts, in case one photo isn’t enough!