If you’ve followed us for any length of time, you have definitely seen our dog Steve. He’s been our best little friend since August of 2018, and we can’t even begin to describe the amount of joy he brings to our life. Something else he brought to our lives is the friendship of these two! When we researched golden retriever breeders, we chose Denzil’s Goldens in Oroville, Washington – about five hours east of us. We picked Steve up in North Bend on August 20th, and a few parking spots over, Tori and Jon were bringing home their new girl Pepperoni. Totally focused on our new pups, we smiled and waved at each other, and went our separate ways.

About a month later, we started a puppy socialization class in West Seattle. We live in Kenmore, so to drive to West Seattle in rush hour traffic for a puppy class was a little crazy, but we had a great feeling about The Clubhouse for Dogs. Since B had a photoshoot the night of the first class, I (Kevin) took Steve for a guy’s night out. We were hanging out in the car before class, and I spotted Steve’s mirror image, his sister Pepperoni. In class, the dogs definitely had a thing for each other and were even separated at one point because they wouldn’t play with other dogs!

Over the next few months, we got closer with Tori and Jon through play dates for the dogs and happy hour for the humans. We were so excited to celebrate them when they got engaged, and thankful that they asked us to capture their big day in San Jose, CA. Unfortunately, you all know how 2020 played out, and travelling for a big wedding wasn’t in the cards. Tori and Jon made the tough decision to postpone their wedding, but the marriage definitely wasn’t being pushed!

On May 23rd, we met up with them at the place where Pepper takes her walks, where we took engagement photos, and where they decided to elope. It was just the three of them, their best friend who officiated, and us feeling way too lucky to capture it all. The wildflowers were out in full force, and they had perfect weather to get married. Jon hummed Tori down the “aisle,” and Pepper got to be right there as her humans got married. The ceremony was emotional for all of us, as we knew the gravity of what they had postponed, but Tori recently shared a post that read, “all a wedding really needs to be special is a couple who are in love and totally in the moment. Everything else can wait.”

All of us shared a champagne toast, took some more adorable photos, and went home to enjoy a wine and cheese spread that, get this, they provided for US. We love these two so much, and are thankful that our dogs just couldn’t be separated.

P.s. make sure to scroll to the end to see some golden cuteness!