Sept 12, 2020

These two are full of SO much grace and flexibility. Not only did they safely get married during a pandemic, but they had to deal with the smoke from wildfires over their wedding weekend. It would have been so understandable if they were stressed or anxious, but they we’re just so excited to finally be married I don’t think anything could have stopped them.

Rachel + Spencer grew up together, as their dads were best friends before they were born! They had such an amazing foundation as friends going on yearly trips to the coast and spending a lot of time together, and when they went off to college they realized they wanted to be more than friends. We were immediately welcomed in and loved getting to know these genuinely incredible people! 

They were able to pull off the most creative wedding at Sanders Estate during a pandemic while still keeping everyone safe!!! They had monogramed masks for everyone, bracelets for everyone to wear – red meant you prefer to keep your distance, yellow meant you’re okay with talking but not touching, and green meant you’re comfortable with hugs + handshakes! It was a really thoughtful way to let the guests still interact while keeping everyone comfortable. They spaced out seating, everything was outdoors, and they had the most creative idea for the reception! Instead of tables, they had large picnic blankets set out in the grass field, and each guest got their own picnic basket for dinner! Drinks were also pre-made in glass bottles, so there was not contact between guests. They literally thought of every detail, and threw such a great party!

Why can we only give 5 stars on reviews? Breanna and Kevin deserve 10! Our wedding was unique. It was in September of 2020 and, like many other weddings that year, the plans changed daily (okay, more like hourly). The pandemic and everchanging state restrictions on wedding celebrations posed many challenges for us and then the morning of the wedding the wildfire smoked rolled in. I will never forget the text I got from Breanna that morning. She was so sweet and positive during a time that I’m sure stressed her and Kevin out as much as it stressed us out. Plus she mentioned how the smoke would actually create a cool, hazy effect to the photos and it helped calm my nerves instantly! And that is what we love so much about these two. They are incredibly positive and welcoming from the start and make their priorities clear that they are there to help you create a memorable day that truly captures YOUR love story. They are nimble and creative as wedding photographers should be and balance structure with spontaneity.

Due to COVD-19 restrictions we didn’t have a venue coordinator helping us run the show, so Breanna and Kevin’s timeline helped us tremendously. They were clearly experienced with how a wedding should run and made sure things went smoothly. Weeks before they asked us if we had any must have shots and were quick to come up with fun ideas when I failed to bring ideas to them (thank you!) It’s worth mentioning that with the inevitable chaos of the day, we missed one photo, but Breanna and Kevin magically photoshopped the missing shot and to be honest, I couldn’t even tell which one they doctored. True magicians! We will definitely be reaching out to them for future photo sessions and 1000% would recommend this duo for weddings. They are true rock stars that genuinely love their job and care about your vision. Not to mention, they get you beautiful sneak peaks the next morning! Incredible way to start the honeymoon.