Trinity Tree Farm Wedding

If you ask Marco how he met Adrienne, he’d say he met her in his living room. A little more detail comes out when you ask her, though – she was visiting a friend in Seattle, and that friend had a very cute Italian roommate… who she met in the living room. Marco grew up in Italy, 6,200 miles from Adrienne in California, and they gathered friends and family from everywhere in between to celebrate them last August. Childhood friends, college roommates, and family came from around the world to Trinity Tree Farm to put on a stunning, classic wedding. Of course, their sweet pup Atticus had to be a part of the day, floral collar and all!

During our coffee meeting, we learned that Adrienne’s dad has been a photographer for 20 years, and it was really sweet to see him so excited about all of the photos! He even came along to get a few poses in – which is probably how we will be when we have kids! Each member of the bridal party had a part in the ceremony, Marco’s friend sang Everlong by the Foo Fighters during the toasts, and her dad put together a slideshow that brought the whole room to tears!

Here is the amazing team for their day!