If you haven’t been to Gold Creek Pond for the sunset, you are totally missing out. This is one of our favorite engagement session locations for all of the variety, but we have never shot this late in the evening, and I don’t see us shooting at any other time moving forward!

We planned the session for 7:30, and we started shooting by 7:45. It was just enough time to get a few photos with the last sun peeking through the trees. Once we turned the corner and walked out to the pond, we were blown away! It was the softest, prettiest light EVER, just barely lighting up the mountains in the background. These two were such a blast to photograph as we chased the light away. We loved getting to know more about their relationship, and it was so cool we had the place all to ourselves which is so rare! I also couldn’t get over Clarissa’s bridal jumpsuit for her second outfit, make sure to scroll all the way down to see!! We’re so very excited for their wedding next summer!

If you are curious about gold creek pond and want to see what it looks like in the winter, hop on over to the list of our favorite engagement session locations! It’s the dreamiest winter wonderland.