Seattle Engagement Session

We say this time and time again, but the relationships we’ve made from this job is our favorite part! We’ve gotten to know such sweet people, and celebrate alongside them and their friends and families on their most special day! This connection came from another one of our couples, Briana + Michael. Briana and Brenslie are best friends, and we are SO excited to celebrate with BOTH of them this year, each being in the other’s bridal party!!

Brenslie + Luke met up with us at The Whisky Bar in downtown Seattle (where we didn’t order whisky), and instantly started finding connections! We didn’t go to the same high schools, but had so many mutual friends and weird little ties. Brenslie grew up in a small town down south, one of those “you’ve probably never heard of it” places, and sure enough, it’s where Kevin was born and raised too! It was like catching up with old friends within an hour!!

We walked down to our favorite little rooftop, and then went over to Gasworks Park, where they had their first date and got engaged. These photos were taken on March 8th, right before everything got shut down! We are seriously missing human contact! We’re SO thankful to have had this afternoon in the sun, and can’t wait to get back out and shoot! We hope looking through these photos makes your day just a little brighter.

Also, if you are needing more inspiration on Seattle engagement session locations, we’ve got you!!